13 April, 2014


It’s clear that there's some sort of turf war going on in the USA. Mainly, it centers around showing how spectacularly bad the torture conducted by the CIA was after 9/11. And that that torture was authorized by the Bush Administration.

While it is very important to get all details of the torture that occurred under the Bush Administration into the open, it is also important to investigate-and bring to justice-torture that is occurring right now under the Obama Administration. Waterboarding, slamming people against walls, shackling--these were all done under President Bush's watch. But Mr. Obama may himself not be immune from being responsible for authorizing other secret persecution and torture that continues right now under his watch.

Amongst others, it is clear the NSA (which seems to be at war with the CIA) has taken over the airwaves and cellular technologies, and it may be implicated in these following acts of mass crimes against humanity:
1. Using "white noise" to torture whole communities of people in the US and abroad
2. Sleep deprivation via cellular technologies: enough people have documented and told their stories online. Clearly there are cellphone tower-lookalikes designed to keep people awake at night. This torture is particularly effective because it leaves no marks on the victim, but can make them completely dysfunctional in a workplace. Sleep deprivation that is triggered by automatic technology (that is clearly piggybacking off existing communications technology like cellphone networks) is particularly effective because these networks are everywhere, and nobody's asking questions about what kind of "multi-tasking" they may be doing, besides providing effective phone services.
3. Mosquitoes and bugs: Drones used for multiple purposes, including surveillance 24/7, and sleep deprivation; these drones may come disguised as insects
4. Using technology to download people's thoughts: there is enough scientific developments, funded by DARPA et al, that has shown that people's thoughts can be downloaded. And not only that, these scientific people are also working on linking thought to the Net, ostensibly for the good of humanity (but we know by now that technologies have been hijacked multiple times for purposes other than good.)
5. Other “biological” inventions that is as yet unknown, but could include attacks on crops, people and food via various biological agents. Read the DARPA website interview with its current director who says the “biological” finds are bubbling along at great speed.

It is clear that a campaign of complete surveillance and terror is the goal of the USA's various secret agencies. This big furor over the torture report in many ways is an eyewash. There is nothing new in these reports that people don't know already. Including the fact that the CIA is an organization that has used brutal torture across different nation-states, violated the sovereignty of many countries, worked with and supported dictators, and in general has a reputation so bad it will have to be shut down by the end of this year. This is not news.

What is news-and what the mainstream news are not reporting at all--is a story much bigger than Edward Snowden's. The Guardian is not going to touch this story, folks! It is going to stick with Edward Snowden, which is a safe bet—and which also deflects attention from the fact that cellular technology is not just being used to sweep up data from networks. It is being used to torture people worldwide. And it may be used to vacuum up “data” from people’s brains, allowing for that ultimate violation in privacy.

In other words, USA is now extending its nets of torture worldwide via cellular technologies. And that it is doing it now, in the time of Obama, not Bush. Nobody is willing to talk about this because the Europeans are implicated in this, in most likelihood. Their governments are probably using these technologies as well—we will only know when these files come out in the open. And the other nation-states that are being attacked by these technologies don’t want to investigate it due to fear of disrupting the myth that the USA is still a moral superpower that leads the world with democracy and freedom of speech.

What is clear is that almost all nation-states on the planet right now are complicit with fascism. This is because the fascistic cliques of the military-industrial complex have become intricately intertwined with the global corporate world, including the one that is spreading cellular technologies and Internet technologies under the guise of “development” and human progress.

In the 40s, it took the French resistance and the Allies and the Russians to bring the Nazis down. Clearly there has to be a similar resistance now, at this moment. To think that “good” and “evil” are somehow fixed categories, and that a nation-state that behaved with goodness in the 40s will do so in 2014 is a fallacy. Goodness is not inherited. It is something that has to be practiced on a day to day level. And the USA hasn’t really done that, in the past decade or so. Traditional alliances of the past may have worked for the 40s, but now its time to ask if Europe and others should continue to support the USA down this path. The developments in the Ukraine should be a warning to Europe that the USA will not stop its destructive attacks on any continent, including Europe.

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