26 December, 2012

Letter to Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai regarding justice for Sita Nepali

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai,
Baluwatar, Kathmandu
Subject: Make the System Work, Help Deliver Justice
Dear Prime Minister,

When Sita Nepali, a Nepali citizen aged 21, arrived home after working
in Saudi Arabia earlier this month she was robbed at the hands of  Immigration
Officials at the Tribhuvan International Airport. A Nepal Police
constable then took authority of her, took her to a hotel, and proceeded to rape her that night.

This blatant crime against a Nepali citizen, perpetrated by a Nepali
government official and a Nepali police constable, must be addressed
by the government immediately. The crime is all the more horrific
because the robbery was perpetrated on someone who had worked with
great difficulty in a foreign nation to support her family.

We urge your office and the Home Ministry to
immediately investigate this case and set an example of how violence
against women will not be tolerated in Nepal.  We urge you to use the
vast resources at your disposal to call on every government and
non-governmental bodies working on women's rights
issues to find out just what happened to Sita Nepali at TIA and pursue
justice as required,  to the full extent  of the law.

Nepal's international commitments to end violence against women, and
discrimination against Dalit communities, especially women from
marginalized and poor backgrounds, will be in question if you do not
immediately address this case through all justice mechanisms at your

Dear Prime Minister, a simple request: irrespective of the number of
days you may have left in your office, please use whatever time you
have to show us that you tried to make the system work for a single person, so that "we the
people" can have some hope it may work for us all one day. Sita Nepali has to get
justice. By working to help deliver that justice, you can also help deliver hope of a better
Nepal to millions of Nepali women. To fail Sita Nepali would be to fail the nation.
Signed: ______________