14 March, 2014

THE KETTLE AND THE POT: Feinstein and the CIA battle it out

According to venerable leftie publications like Mother Jones and The Nation, apparently there’s a constitutional crisis going on in the good ole USA.

And it takes this form: Dianne Feinstein, enabler of NSA surveillance programs and apologist of the surveillance state, has accused the CIA of various crimes, including:

Besides the constitutional implications, the CIA’s search may also have violated the Fourth Amendment, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, as well as Executive Order 12333, which prohibits the CIA from conducting domestic searches or surveillance.

The CIA has come back and said Senator Feinstein’s staff hacked their computers illegally.

Basically, both Senator Feinstein and the CIA are accusing each other of being criminals and breaking the law. As always, both of them are right.

Senator Feinstein’s half hour tirade against the CIA has apparently won her gushing praise from the leftie crowd, who seem to have forgotten these facts (below paragraph taken from Wikipedia, my favorite source of unbiased information, along with original footnotes):

After the 2013 mass surveillance disclosures involving the National Security Agency (NSA), Feinstein took measures to continue the collection programs. Foreign Policy wrote that she had a "reputation as a staunch defender of NSA practices and the White House's refusal to stand by collection activities targeting foreign leaders."[31] In October 2013 she criticized the NSA for monitoring telephone calls of foreign leaders friendly to the US.[32] In November 2013 she promoted the Fisa Improvements Act bill which included a "backdoor search provision" that allows intelligence agencies to continue certain warrantless searches as long as they are logged and "available for review" to various agencies.[33]
In June 2013 Feinstein labeled Edward Snowden a traitor after his leaks went public. In October of that year she stated that she stood by those comments.[34]

As always, the comments below the articles are more enlightening than the articles themselves. And in one of these comments, one Arnold Lockshin, livingin Moscow, writes below The Nation’s article:

There is no "constitutional crisis."
There is not the slightest threat to any part of the American Gestapo.
Dianne, in her initimable manner, is faking it all the way. She fully supported the NSA after the Snowden revelations. She's a steady fan of the CIA, FBI, NSA >>> goolag go-getters.
Arnold Lockshin, a victim of the US secret political police, living in Moscow.

There are enough references to Nazis and the Gestapo for the US Congress by now to realize, dimly, through their rosy democratic looking glasses, that something is seriously wrong in Utopia.

According to this blog post:
For many years, at a time when America’s secret police were consolidating their power and extending it in every imaginable way, Diane Feinstein of California was the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence subcommittee. She had –– or so she was told –– access to secrets few others in the nation knew. Charged with responsibilities critical to preserving the country’s Bill of Rights, the protections most critical to the survival of democracy itself, Feinstein was either too corrupt or too stupid to manage them, it hardly matters which.

Now this is an interesting question. Was she too corrupt, or too stupid? I think it matters, unlike the writer of this blogpost, because if she’s corrupt, its going to mean a whole other thing than if she was merely stupid. And this point, of course, applies to everyone that has been a member, or are presently members of the US Congress, ever since the rise of the new torture state in the USA.

 Of course, so far, even Lefties who run the Nation and Mother Jones can’t do anything other than gushingly portray Diane Feinstein as a heroine because she stood up to the CIA. The fact that she’s a woman seemed to have allowed Ms. Feinstein to hold on to leftie support long after such support should have been exhausted. Now the question remains: if the USA were ever to hold anyone accountable for its past few decades of violating every single ethical, moral and global humanitarian norms that all other nations (barring a few) take for granted, would Ms. Feinstein be held accountable?

Now this is an interesting question that only time will answer. Another pretty lady who cavorted with fascists apparently had this to say later in life:
Riefenstahl later said that her biggest regret was meeting Hitler: “It was the biggest catastrophe of my life. Until the day I die people will keep saying, ‘Leni is a Nazi’, and I’ll keep saying, ‘But what did she do?’” Although she won more than 50 libel cases against people accusing her of collaborating with the Nazis, there are many unanswered questions[specify] about her relation to National Socialism in particular and fascism more generally.

Does it seem Senator Feinstein’s accusation of the CIA is a rather late in life attempt to exonerate herself from all her multiple associations by taking down an even more unpopular institution than herself? Is it going to work? 

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