06 March, 2014


Guess how much the USA is spending on its defense budget in 2015?

According to the Voice of America’s website: “The president is calling for a $496-billion defense budget for the year starting in October, unchanged from this year.”

Only $496-billion. Pff, what’s a few billions here and there.

The only problem of course is that the USA is sinking under a 17 trillion dollar debt. And while  the people upstairs party, the people downstairs are sinking for lack of lifeboats. I think the Titanic’s Captain needs a reality check, but who’s going to give it to him?

Now President Obama’s trying his best, don’t take it the wrong way. The only problem is that he’s an Aries ascendant (according to Vedic astrology) and he’s going to hit what’s called his astamashani period in approximately nine months. The astamashani, of course, is the dreaded moment when Saturn enters the eighth house. If you want to know what Saturn in the Eighth House does to a person, rewind to Angela Jolie’s famous moment with the slit dress—that’s  when she entered her astamashani, and the humiliation, lawsuit for plagiarism, physical distance from Brad Pitt, plus clearly issues of anorexia have plagued her from November 2011 to now. That real tough time is upcoming for Prez Obama—in approximately nine months.

If you’re not sure what this has to do with the economy—well, think about it. Detroit has gone bankrupt. Most of the US economy, despite doctored figures the government released in January, then revised to show more realistic lower growth figures, has been plagued not just by a drastic slowdown but also a polar vortex that seems to have drained 15 billion off its economic plate. Now what’s a few billions here and there for the richest country in the world, right? Except of course those few billions do add up—especially when the country in question is looking at 17 trillions in debt.

Basically, I think Prez Obama’s going to be looking at everything from California demanding secession to a host of local economies that are going to collapse like a house of cards all across the country in approximately nine months. That’s what I foresee.

Of course, its clear to those watching that the USA really can’t afford its armies and its military toys. But China seems to be mischievously egging it on, seemingly raising its own military budget, and of course giving all those male godzillas of the US military sweat-fits, thinking they need to buy their own planes and guns and the latest torture toys.  I wouldn’t be surprised however if this is just a strategy on the part of China to a) either prove that now its symbolically larger than the USA or b) egg the USA on to keep a giant, useless military industrial-complex that cleverly has managed to destroy the USA’s economy from the inside out.

Now its pretty clear to most of the world that the USA a) needs to stop all its secret black budget programs in which huge numbers of people are being tortured through secret technology, ie radar spewing technology masquerading as cellphone towers (this lawsuit is going to be bigger than the polar vortex, folks! Get ready with your stocks and shares and pull out of the communications industry that is installing all these towers before you get hit) and b) it needs to focus on HUMAN security (food, education, pensions, health care, support for artists), not the GI Joe kind of “security”, which so far has caused immense destruction to life, relationships and trade with all parts of the world.

It is obvious that the USA is not going to read what’s written on the wind. So all its friends can do is watch and wait.

The tragedy of the USA is that its been hit by terrorism—from within. Its greatest enemy has been its own fascistic clique of military-industrial strategists who have done the country in.

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