27 March, 2014


With the USA re-inserting itself centerstage with the sanctions against Russia, you could almost think the drama has shifted elsewhere. Did you hear Edward Snowden sliding out of the news, obfuscated in the noise and confusion of the Ukraine/Crimea moment?

These distractions are useful. They make us think the richest country in the world is still the one with the trillions to do whatever it wants, wherever--whether it is unprovoked attacks on Iraq and Afganisthan; or torture of its own and other countries ‘ citizens; or worldwide surveillance of phones, computers and other shady downloads of personal information that is still to be revealed ;  or stealing/hacking of worldwide data with the absolute assurance that it is completely above the law in doing this. Not to mention what appears to be an increasingly blanket check it has given itself to install and operate technologies of torture (which include sleep deprivation targeted towards minorities) in not just in own, but also other countries. And of course, the widespread use of drones in murder of civilians.

The European Union, which consists of a group of nations whose histories include Nazism,  Italian Fascism, Spanish Fascism, French collaboration, Dutch collaboration and others, are of course completely behind the United States. Expecting them somehow to control the USA is obviously an overrated hope that the world should not place any more in Europe.  

With the Europeans and the USA controlling all mechanisms of finance--the wild fluctuation of currency in the last year has made it abundantly clear that people are just pushing the prices up and down to make giant profits,  and that this by itself can make or break entire nation states (Witness George Soros and his little meddling in 1998 that completely crashed Thailand, for one)—it is clear that finance and its associated apparatuses (money, money, money) should come under careful  scrutiny when any business transaction is held.

 This state of affairs can continue indefinitely. In fact, there is no reason why the military-industrial complex and its torture business shouldn’t grow and prosper from shore to shore in the coming decades, since almost all international mechanism of control and regulation are in the pockets of the EU and the USA.

The end of the Third Reich did not come about easily. Hitler ruled and flourished for twelve years, killing 11 million people (6 million Jews, and 5 million Romanis, homosexuals, the disabled, and mentally retarded people)  before the Allies and Russia finally came together to defeat them.  And while people may take offense at the analogy, saying that America could never be compared to the Third Reich, it is becoming increasingly clear that the elected leaders of the US Congress may themselves not be aware of the total scope of activities of the US’s secret national security state themselves. What are they doing, besides hacking into computers? What is the scope and scale of their torture and killings? In fact, if you ask the US Congress, they don’t really know.

It is clear America’s death count has been as high as Hitler, Stalin or Mao, if you add up causalities from all its wars. In both the Second World War, when the excessive use of force against a civilian population in Japan was clearly motivated by racism and racial superiority, to the many other wars that followed, the USA has not been moral, or ethical, about its usage of force. 

It is clear an accounting of some sort has to happen, coincidentally, 12 years after the set up of the homeland  security state in the USA. But to expect the US Congress to regulate and account for the activities of the CIA and the NSA and all the associated agencies may be naive. It is clear there is deep complicity between the Congress and these agencies-witness Diane Feinstein and her years of support for the NSA’s surveillance. The big attention and calls of the “bring the torture report out in the open” may end with the disappointment of what the world already knows-namely, that the USA was torturing inmates in Guantanamo.

This doesn’t take into account all the secret ways in which the USA is torturing people all over the world NOW,  with the authorization of the Obama administration.  While the torture may have started with Bush, it clearly hasn’t ended with Obama. And then there’s all the secret research, like the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies, also referred to as the Brain Activity Map Project, which the White House itself announced and endorsed. The partners include DARPA. What usages do you think this research has, knowing the US’s history of aggression against its perceived enemies and its punitive regime against minorities?


It is clear that the scope and scale of “Torture”-and the definition of torture itself—has to be revised and expanded to include new ways in which nation states may be acting against their critics and opponents. The USA, with its extensive and well documented history of scientific experimentation on people without  consent, along with its deep rooted historical script of slavery, is perfectly capable of coming up with a secret program of torture which includes brain hacking for the purpose of stealing data, drones in all shapes and sizes, secret torture during sleep, and concentration camps that don’t fit the 1940s model. Concentration camps these days have moved onto the brain and digital realm.

Is the world ready to come to an accounting? Or will they end this at: “The Bush administration waterboarded people in Guantanamo” level of accountability?

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