21 March, 2014


Seems like this German company has a branch in Kathmandu. Note the nice futuristic name.
Itonics: http://www.itonics.de/en/itonics/clients/

And guess what they do? 

They do what Sushma Joshi does. Sushma Joshi does it with less respect and zero pay, while these guys get paid by the World Economic Forum and the German Defense Services.  

They do “insight and foresight.”

Basically, they are astrologers. Hehe…

And here's their tagline:

A clear vision of the future is the key success factor for the development of sustainable strategies in companies and organizations. Being prepared for the future and the shaping the future in the circle of influence are therefore the major challenges in a globalized world.

Urm, was that taken straight out of David Frawley's "Astrology of the Seers?" Kidding.

Check it out, folks. The future lies in Kathmandu.

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